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Daily Roundup 1.05.07

Farmer and Greek Guy got waived. So long, it's been good to know ye. Personnel moves a-plenty coming this weekend.

The Sonics are rumored to sign Andre Brown from the NBDLs Sioux Falls SkyForce later today. Edit: Brown has been signed.

Penny Hardaway likely to follow. No word on when the trash talk about "Backcourt 2000" will begin on the ESPN Sonics/Suns boards. Longtime site authors & readers will know what I'm talking about. :D

Damien gets groovy. No doubt dude is playing better as a starter. He's also helping my fantasy team whilst Rashard recoups.

Wilkins agreed, adding that no one has "quit on coach — and I don't think any of us will.

"We've had pretty much every problem that you could possibly have and guys are still fighting. Winning cures everything. You put a couple of wins under our belt and no one will talk about any job security for anyone anymore."

I rarely care for headlines but this one is awesome. Frank does a nice bust on Isaiah, which is kind of like shooting fish in a barrel these days but still always worthwhile. Nate Robinson won't play in case you were wondering, he's still suspended.

Mr. Baker figures out David Locke's secret identity.

I like this alter ego for Locke.

Good luck to the Hawks this weekend. I think they'll need it.