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Sonics Vs. Knicks Game Thread

As always snack on The Amazing Kevin Pelton's Insider Preview before sitting down to the main course.

Everything I'm hearing indicates that Brown will be available for tonight's game. We'll see if he gets in or not.

Put simply, the Knicks are a mess in the backcourt and that's without chronic whiner Steve Francis. The frontcourt's a different story where I look for David Lee and Eddy "Surprise, he can play" Curry to ring the Sonics' collective bell tonight.

Offensive plan is simple for me: attack Eddy Curry. He's too dangerous when teams simply allow him to plant his ample ass in the paint and get easy hook shots and drop steps at the cup. Tonight's center by committee has got to force him out on the right block, where he's nowhere near as effective and hopefully he'll give the rock back to the Knick guards who can charitably be described as shooting efficiency challenged.

There is no excuse for not winning this game. The Knicks are 6-11 on the road and 5-9 vs. the West this season. Contain Curry down low, don't let Jamal Crawford have another 31 pt homecoming.