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Daily Roundup 01.09.07

Luke resents benching, dunks repeatedly in VitaminWater-fueled rage

Rick Majerus sighted off Quilcene

Nash is Clapton is God

"Nash is the system," Chicago coach Scott Skiles told reporters. "I don't mean to shortchange anybody else, but he's the best basketball player on the face of the earth, in my opinion. I don't think it's even close.

"He can shoot the ball. He can go right or left. He can finish right or left. He has a middle game. He has the best vision in the league. He's probably the best-conditioned player in the league. People may say he's not athletic. What they should say is he's not a great leaper. But everything else athletically he does well. He moves well laterally. He's fast. He has great hand-eye coordination. He pivots on either foot. He has no real offensive weakness. And he is responsible for a style of play. Not many guys are that good."

But can he pan fry a steak to perfect seared crispiness in ten minutes and get your girlfriend preggers in less? Hah! I defy you, son of Jor-El!

Nick Collison, the other white meat

This was supposed to be the year Collison emerged as one of the league's top young post players and a versatile weapon. But lack of athleticism has haunted him against the league's elite power forwards, while his bouts with confidence and foul trouble have decreased his impact.

Pimp My Knee

One of the newspapers has the time of tonight's game wrong, it's 6 PM local time. Provided we're all not covered under 6 feet of flying trees and snow by then of course.