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Daily Roundup 10.15.07

First of all some off-topic ranting:

Ladies and gentlemen I give you Shaun Alexander: the only NFL skill position player more afraid of contact than a kicker.

It's particularly frustrating to watch a guy who's paid like a top 5 guy at his position just fall down to the ground at the slightest touch. He reminds me of this sheep or goat (Edit: it's a goat, I found the video & have linked for your viewing pleasure) I saw on Animal Planet once. Its defense mechanism when faced with a predator is to fall down and literally play dead, go stiff with its legs sticking up in the air.

Apropos that Alexander, when faced with defense, tends to have the same reaction. Lower your shoulder and at least try.

Not even going to get into Holmgren's totally asinine game calls late.

Game recap from the P-I. I don't really read anything into preseason wins or losses if I can't actually watch the game myself.

Quick profile on Westhead in the TNT ... really not much new here.

Pete at Supersonicsoul trumps the dailies with a nice edition of Sonic Where Are They Now?

In some quick Storm news Alan Horton, Storm broadcaster and Sonic broadcast producer has left to take a job with the Minnesota Lynx.

At the bottom of this review: Wilcox strains knee. Sorry if this has been mentioned already.

And props to Mr. Baker for devising a guide EVERY sonic fan must own: your very own Seattle Supersonics Lineup Generator!
This thing is the shizzle!

Last but not least a Daily Roundup shout out of good luck to my brother, who's currently flying cross-country somewhere and waiting to hear if his buddy was able to obtain World Series tickets, which went on sale this morning in Denver.

No games until Thursday's match with the Lakers, but that one's still scheduled to be televised as far as I know.