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KIRO Part 2

The second segment has been added to Denise' page.

So yesterday more than 500 seperate IP addresses followed that link from Sonicscentral to go check out the story. If those same 500 people each decided that they were going to get 5 friends to write letters to the governor and commissioner Stern, or if those same 500 people decided that they were willing to donate $20 or put in a few hours of active volunteering we could make an impact.

I know many of you have already pitched in. There is just a big catch 22 in this process where we cannot schedule anything meaningful without knowing people will contribute, and it is hard to get people to contribute without having something tangible scheduled for them to work on. I don't know how to get through that obstacle.

Reading Gary Washburns article this morning and it just makes me realize how coordinate information release from Sam Presti is. Yesterday the gossip train was all about Petro and Sene's contract extensions. My understanding is that people were hearing that Mo will be picked up and that led to the next logical question...What about Johan? Sounds like it may be an either or situation with the Senegal native winning out.

They have been shopping Johan hard and simply had no takers. I'm suprised that they cannot find some home for him, even if it is a fairly minimal return. He was the #25 pick in a draft. If they get a second rounder for him after 3 years of service it isn't terrible value for the draft position and is better than losing him for nothing. I expect them to pick up the option and let things play out.

Percy Allen talks about the logjam at the PF position with Collison and Wilcox both looking strong. Everybody knows that I favor Collison in this one but I don't really have an answer. I think that the Sonics best option is to give some guys fairly large roles early in the season, hopefully build their value, and then try to swing a consolidation trade either at the deadline or next summer. Their options are simply too limited right now.

24 hours until a televised game. I cannot wait.