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Remember: It's Called NEGOTIATING

I know people are upset with David Sterns remarks yesterday. Personally I find them to be exactly what is needed in this situation.

At every step in this process we are finding, as we did with the Seahawks and the Mariners that a TREMENDOUS amount of pressure is required to actually get to the finish line. These buildings do not just build themselves and people do not just volunteer huge sums of money to make them happen. If David Stern comes in right now and says "It is too bad Clay Bennett has messed this all up, but the citizens of Seattle need to know that we have their interests at heart and we are not going to let these teams move." it would be a deathblow to arena negotiations. Every single "on the fence" politician would know that they had some coverage and that they could pass the buck onto the league.

Instead Stern makes quick work of letting politicians know how they will be viewed if they fail this situation. They are weak. They have no heart. They let us down and won't be let off the hook.

That is exactly what is needed, much more than nice words that do nothing more than make everybody feel safe for a couple of days.

Let's remember:

Greg Nickels up for re-election Approximately Nov. 8th, 2009. Chris Gregoire in 2008. Do either of them really want to have this Sonics arena situation swirling right on election with the NBA tipoff occuring in the same week? They simply have to get something done...

Let them know. Please demand of both parties that they contact the Commissioners office and ask for his help.

Greg Nickels

Christine Gregoire

Remind them. Let them know that the