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Daily Roundup 10.04.07

Edit: Practice Update From Percy Allen here

Uh-oh. The news isn't good folks, but then again, you probably saw this coming. Coach P.J. Carlesimo has been pushing the Sonics hard this week and sure enough, a few players succumbed to injuries.

Here's the roll call:
C Robert Swift - right knee tendinitis
F Kurt Thomas - left quadriceps bruise
G Delonte West - left big toe
F Mickael Gelabale - left hip bruised

So needless to say the mood at practice this morning was a little somber. None of the injuries are serious with the exception of Swift. He was walking with a pronounced limp after the workout and it doesn't look as if he'll be able to go for a couple of days. Because there were so many injured players, P.J. had to cut practice short.

The White team (Earl Watson, Damien Wilkins, Gelabale, Nick Collison, Mouhamed Sene and sub Jermaine Jackson) thoroughly dominated the Green team (Luke Ridnour, Kevin Durant, Wally Sczcerbiak, Chris Wilcox, Johan Petro and sub Jeff Green.) Again, don't read too much into the pairings, but it wouldn't be crazy to think the Green team will be the eventual starters and the White team are the reserves.

Chris Wilcox, Veteran Leader

He sought this summer to change that perception. For a second consecutive summer, he worked out with former NBA player and coach John Lucas in Houston and was determined to develop more of a post game away from the basket.

"I already got it around the basket, being explosive, but I want to make sure every time I get it in the post to a comfortable spot, nine times out of 10, I am going to score," he said. "That was something I wasn't consistent with last season. At the same time, I really wasn't getting an opportunity. I want the coaches to know that if you get the ball around the basket, I am going to score or get to the line."

Good for CW if he actually follows through. It's never been about the physical tools with him.

Delonte West sprains ankle at practice Day to day.

The Incredible Funk Master That Is Kevin Pelton profiles Earl Watson ... your other veteran leader.

"I think this coaching staff has a mold that they want to reflect their team," observed Watson. "This coaching staff is serious about winning championships and serious about winning divisions and being consistent at it. I think they're looking for a character, they're looking for mentality. When you've been part of something so well-bonded and connected and really on that level such as this whole organization is right now where it is, it's bigger than just one player - it's a mentality."

New assistant coach Mark Bryant gets grimy with Percy

Who could forget? Bryant spent 15 years in the NBA with 10 teams because he did the things few others wanted to do. It's called dirty work, and it's painful and nonrewarding.

It's also a dying art, said Bryant, who is trying to impart his knowledge on the Sonics, who allowed an average of 102 points last season, ranking 21st in the NBA.

"I call it playing grimy," he said. "Defense wins games. We all know that. Offense doesn't win games, defense does. So you want to let whoever you play know that it's going to be a grimy, knock-'em-down and drag-it-out affair


Always liked Mark Bryant as a player ... he was like Danny Fortson with an attention span ...

Speaking of Fortson, Damien wrestles back #21

Wilkins could never wrestle the number away from Fortson, even though the big bruiser languished most of last season on the bench with knee problems.

“I don’t know why, he wasn’t using it,” Wilson quipped. “But that’s my guy and he called me when the season ended and was like, ‘You want that number.’ And I was like, ‘I already put my bid in.’


The ever-readable Jerry Brewer profiles Wally Z

"He's got a nasty side — a nice nasty side," Carlesimo says of Szczerbiak. "He's always had a bit of an edge. He's strong. He doesn't mind hitting people.

"Yeah, he's a scorer, but I like the other things he brings to the table."

Claudio's a pimp. Nice shots of Durant and Green ...

The best beer ever made

Never been a fake and I'm never phony, got more flavor than the packet in the macaroni ...