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Swift, West Won't Be Extended

First of all, can somebody please hook up PJ Carlisimo with a decent optometrist? The Urkel's grandpa look has got to go.

Swift, West to become restricted free agents

The Sonics passed on contract extensions for center Robert Swift and guard Delonte West, making them both restricted free agents after this season.

"In both cases we mutally agreed to revisit our discussions this summer," general manager Sam Presti said Wednesday. "Delonte and Robert are players that we value, we look forward to continuing our talks with them this season and in the future."

In other news:

Rehash, P-U style.

Gary Washburn breaks it down for you. See, I do link your stuff Gary ... it's just the rest of your paper I hate, man!

As for Kevin Durant, don't worry about him. He is going to shine, but there are going to be tough nights also. Here is Carmelo Anthony's thoughts on Durant.

"I didn't realize he could shoot like that," Anthony said. "This summer (with USA Basketball) we seen spurts like that, but he is going to be all right. I've been in that situation before that he's in right now. I just hope that nobody puts too much pressure on him and hopes that he takes the team to the NBA finals this year."

Rehash, Percy Allen style

Without West, Seattle watched its five-point deficit (86-81) at the start of the fourth grow to 10 (93-83) within two minutes and 16 (106-90) midway through the quarter.

Whenever the Sonics drew close, either Denver reserves Linas Kleiza or Eduardo Najera drained a three-pointer to keep Seattle at bay. Kleiza scored 11 of his 18 points in the fourth quarter and Najera had 14.

Durant's Take

As he has done all season, Durant continues to shun the moniker of franchise player.

“I try not to think about that,” Durant said. “I just tell myself it’s about the team, and we just want to come out here and get a win. That’s what it’s all about. If I score two points or 20 points it’s just about if we win or lose. Hopefully we come out, we execute and we get the ‘W.’ ”

and from the same article:

Dan Mahoney, spokesperson for the Sonics ownership group, confirmed that Sonics chairman Clay Bennett will make a statement Friday.

Bennett is expected to announce his intention to file relocation papers with the NBA to move the team to Oklahoma City. Bennett had set a deadline of Oct. 31 to file for relocation if a new arena deal didn’t materialize. But he softened his stance recently, saying he didn’t want to make the announcement during the team’s opening game.

Stay tuned.

Aroudn the league, Rashard Lewis with a nice debut in Orlando

This gets my award for the No Sh*t Sherlock Headline of the Year.