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SOS - Opening Night

Thanks to everybody who is asking to participate in an opening night festivity.

I'm sorry that we don't have anything major planned.

We looked into a very, very large scale event and determined that it is just really, really tough forus to act as event planners and that we did not want to put something on that came across as "low end".

Over the last year we have pretty much determined what we are good at and where our weaknesses are. We have been highly successful putting energy into lobbying, litigating, and working behind the scenes to ensure proper media coverage. We feel that our actions have directly influenced the course of events in a positive way and that the media recognition has been substantial.

What we have struggled to accomplish are public events, parties, or similar actions. We simply do not have the personalities, or the resources to do these things correctly.

We're hoping that, by stepping aside in this area we will open things up for another group, such as Clearchannel Media who operate KJR and KUBE will step in and fill the role with greater resources and the ability to put things together. Local businesses and sports bars should choose to get involved.

We're happy to participate in events, lend our name, and even help coordinate. Several prominent sports bars have offered their services but it always comes down to "If you let us know what you want to do, coordinate it, market it, get a sponsor, and can tell us how many hundred people will be there then we would love to be a host venue."

That is not meant to be derogatory to those businesses. They are busy too and this is a tough situation for all of us. We simply don't have the time to plan to that level.

What I would really like to encourage you to do is flood those types of operations with requests to get involved. Contact KJR sports radio today and ask them why they are not doing anything. Same with Fox Sports Grill and other large venues. We should be pushing them to take some of this burden.

Tonight we will have signs available at the Mainstage Bar and Grill at around 6pm. Feel free to swing by and pick one up, but if you do please make sure to hold it up. We've distributed thousands of signs for games and gotten almost none of them on TV. Make your own banners, wear SOS T-Shirts, and be very vocal. In addition we would love it if any of you at attendance can mention SOS to the people next to you in the stands and get them to promise to sign up.

Sorry we are not doing more. I guess I'm getting greedy to the point where I really, really just want to enjoy the game.