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Anybody with League Pass watch Rashard much this year?

Scott has league pass and I got a chance to see the Knicks/Magic last friday. I just want to point out the, watching closely the attitude and body language of our former player I really find myself wondering how bad it is here for the guys.

The Magic look happy.

Led by Dwight Howard and Rashard they dance and bounce and laugh out loud. You get the sense that these guys are living the dream and that they could not imagine anything better. It stands in shard contrast to the relatively somber faces I see from the Sonics players. I've been somewhat close to the players for three years now, sitting down low and having court access during the game on a regular basis. For whatever reason there is a serious malaise surrounding this team that is either the result of, or contributed to the continued losses, the overall unhealthiness of the franchise, and the current relocation situation.

I really cannot blame any player for breathing a sigh of relief to get out of here. The fans are great, the city is wonderful and the tradition is established, but that does not make it a great place to work today. I would love to talk to Rashard in a private moment and get a really candid response about the differences.

When you get the money, the better weather, a winning team, and a better working environment you know you made the right decision. It's painful to watch Shard in a blue #9 but on a personal note I'm pretty happy for him.