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2007-08 Sonics: 1997-98 Nuggets?

97 Nuggs

Some eerie similarities between that roster and ours in terms of construction, although the Nuggs didn't have a single prospect as good as Durant (or Green for that matter).

Seemingly a more slow-paced team than this Sonics squad, at least so far.

I also am reminded a bit of the 2002-03 Nuggets team coached by Jeff Bzdelik...the team had just jettisoned their high salaried mistakes by previous GM Dan Issel and was undergoing a one year salary purge before retooling ... substitute Wilcox for Juwan Howard, Damien for James Posey ... although to Bzdelik's credit he had that group playing stellar defense night after night, which simply isn't the case here yet.

I don't think this Sonic team will end up only winning 17 games but if they can't get a win against a depleted Heat team without Dwane Wade, the ubiquitously horrible Atlanta Hawks, the still-work-in-progress Charlotte Bobcats and the hapless Memphis Grizzlies, when will they get a win?

Sometimes I wish basketball-reference had team comparisons similar to their player comparisons.