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Today Atlanta - Tomorrow The World!

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Check out the pic of our new arena!

Just kidding ... see below.

Atlanta huh. Wow. I'm so out of touch with that club, mostly because the Hawks have blown goats since the Jon Koncak days. That's why I will take a loss to this team tonight personally.

On the bright side, maybe Damien Wilkins will consider it an audition?

Marvin Williams coming on strong early in the season, but he's largely been a write-off for Atlanta. Shame to think what might have been had he attended college, since the folks I've talked to said he clearly wasn't ready when he declared but seems to have started to put it all together this year.

Don't forget Kevin Durant will be doing some kind of live chat-talk to the fans thingy next Wednesday. Brought to you by the fine folks from Beaverton, no not the horseradish people.

Now that's a nickname to aspire to -- Mr. Toilet.

And on a completely random note I'm having a lot of fun re-re-discovering all my Soul Coughing albums.