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Save Our Sonics Mini-Rally

SOS will be staging a mini-rally on Fridays nationally televised game against the New Jersey Nets.

On this evening we will have signs available beginning at 6pm at both SPORT Restaurant and Bar, located in Fisher Plaza East of the Space Needle and at The Mainstage just across from the team shop on the West Plaza. Additionally We will be working to have volunteers distributing signs in both the East and West courtyard prior to the game but this could be weather permitting and also could be subject to the team not finding a way to boot us out.

We are asking people not only to take signs, but also to hold them up during the game. We will be leading chants of SAVE OUR SONICS at the 6 minute mark of he 2nd and 4th quarters with the hope that TNT again picks up the coverage of them.

We are asking the SonicsCentral faithful to participate in the chants, leading them in their respective section if possible.
As key participants we hope that they can be pro-actively involved, taking additional signs for distribution in their sections and also notifying people in advance of the game of our intentions. If we can get a couple hundred people leading the chant in several sections it will spread and grow.