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Sonics Vs. Grizzlies Game Thread

Pre-func with The Notorious K.E.V. as he profiles the Heartbreak Kids, aka the Memphis Grizzlies. To close out this road trip with a winning record would be totally dope.

The Grizzlies have a very tenuous footing in Memphis ... ticket sales and crowds are way down this year.

Back when the Grizzlies first moved from Vancouver to Memphis there were a couple of extremely obnoxious jackass trolls on ESPN that taunted the hell out of the 'couver fans for 'losing' their team; when the reality was that Michael Heisley stole it from them, more less with David Stern and the rest of the NBA complicit in the heist. Karma's a bitch, fellas.

But enough of that. Props are due to Damien "The Omen" Wilkins* for his 41 point outing on Friday. It's only fair to give the guy props for a well-played (hell, a superior) outing because I've been highly critical of his performance to date. Not that that means for one second that my opinion of his shot selection has completely changed; but I'm definitely willing to give credit where credit is due.

I'll be switching back and forth between this and watching my Broncos on MNF; haven't heard if Javon Walker will be playing tonight but I like Denver's chances and look for a similarly played games as their matchup vs. the Steelers a couple weeks ago. Enjoy the game!

*coined by AK, as far as I know.