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Woke Up This Morning

We hosted a Thanksgiving Day after-party last night and I ended up staggering into bed after drinking at least seven (that I can remember) Purplesaurus Rex's ... a truly evil, monstrously addictive concoction of my own devising. Recipe follows:

In a shaker, combine the following over ice:

4 parts vodka
2 parts triple sec
grape soda

shake well then pour into martini glass (or lowball glass if you like your drinks on the rocks).

Add twist of lemon and serve.

I call it Purplesaurus Rex after a flavor Kool-Aid used to put out back in the day, and because of the deceptively sweet taste you suddenly find after downing about three of them that you just got jurass-kicked in the park.

Hail National Post-Thanksgiving Feed The Machine Of Commerce With Strong Young Green Dollars Day.

Strike the big red words from your little black books and catch the gray men as they dive from the fourteenth floor. It's Black Friday and my sympathies go out to everyone forced to work today.

So it's this morning that I wake up (not really that hung over, honestly) to find that the Sonics are playing the Nets. Damn how I wish this club would, could, should trade for Jason Kidd. I think with a PG of his caliber running the show Seattle could easily start playing consistent .500 ball and maybe better. When you think about it the Sonics put less talented teams than this one around GP and he kept them afloat ... Kidd would have a similar effect, IMO. Even if this team is lucky enough to land a Rose or Mayo in the draft I think a lot of posters forget that those guys don't exactly blossom into All-Stars overnight. There's a break-in period there too and seeing how impatient people are after 10 games of Kevin Durant's career better be prepared to wait on a rook PG too.

As Kevin writes in his preview, the Nets are really struggling on offense right now; will the porous Sonic defense be exactly what they need to get back on track or will the Supes try and run them out of the building?

Don't forget to chant Save Our Sonics at the game tonight - this game will be televised on ESPN. National broadcasters are like lemmings; they just parrot what the other national talking heads are saying in the absence of real information. Show the media and the league that this town is serious about keeping this team!