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Its Not Over


We all heard the disheartening news yesterday that Sonics ownership has notified the league of their intention to relocate to Oklahoma City.


Please remember that in 1994 the league blocked an ownership change/relocation bid for the TimberWolves to New Orleans. In 2001 David Stern declared about the Houston Rockets, "As far as them moving, it's more than probable, it's certain that the team will be relocated"

There is a common message in these situation as well as our own history with the Seahawks and the Mariners: No matter how late in the game, if we work out a deal on a building the teams will stay.

It is really that simple;

We need to take consistent steps to let our elected officials know that we expect them to solve this problem. Please take a few minutes today to send a letter to the editor of your local paper and ask why Governor Christine Gregoire made no statement on this issue. Ask what the Mayors long term plan is and let them know that it will affect your vote.

The papers like letters which illustrate personal feelings, stories, or memories about why teams are important to you. Keep it brief but please SEND A LETTER.

Thanks to all 17,000+ in attendance opening night. See you 40 more times this year.

Save Our Sonics & Storm