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#5 Worthy?

So lets take a minute to talk hoops in anticipation of todays Clippers game.

After getting some preseason run, and a couple of regular season games what are peoples impressions of Jeff Green? Specifically, do you think he was worthy of the #5 pick and if not whom should we have taken?

My answer on this is pretty incomplete. Green has shown that he is an immediate NBA rotation caliber player which is pretty darn good for a rookie. However out of the #5 pick I want more than that. I want a guy who can show he will be a star.

While I acknowledge that Green may be a good sidekick for Durant I believe that we probably could have traded down and filled that role between 8-10. I also have serious questions about whether he legitimately has the size to play the PF position. If he is a role playing SF then I think the pick has to be questioned to some extent.

Al Thorton looks to be a stellar player with the Clippers but I have not followed Brandon Wright or Yi Jianlian enough to know whether I have serious regrets. What are your thoughts and who should we have taken.