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Preaching Patience

As the losses start to add up, carefully keep an eye on Robert Swift. PJ inserted him back into the starting lineup in part because he believes it is easier for Robert to play without having to sit before his first stint according to KC and Marques on the call last night. That seems pretty reasonable to me.

I'd hoped that he'd be ready to come back from the injury and perform right away, but it looks like I'll have to temper expectations down a bit and take a bit more of a wait and see approach with him. Last night I saw some small glimpses which reminded me of where he was at before the injury.

Take a look at this game log from last season. Early on the minutes just weren't able to be played effectively but come February the minutes and production picked up nicely.

Looking at our interior defense we need Swift or Sene to play effectively. Once that occurs our perimeter guys can play a half step closer to thier guys which in theory should help us more effectively defend the three point shot.

Without Xteve here to give us a daily round up just use this as a starting point for discussion. With the two systems being run tonight there's a chance we could see over 100 possessions a piece by the middle of the fourth quarter.