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11.7.07 Game Thread: Sonics vs. Grizzlies

Insider Preview by Kevin Pelton.

Beyond the Arc - Memphis blog preview.

I'm going to miss tonight's game, but will get the Box Score up later.

Graham Kendrick writes on the Griz Preview:

Like many young teams, the Grizzlies included, the Sonics are still learning how to close out their opponents. In their first four games Seattle has gone into halftime with a one-point deficit, a three-point lead, a tie, and a 13-point lead last night in Sacramento. But Seattle dropped all four of those games due to fourth quarter collapses. The Sonics are giving up 32.5 fourth quarter points per game while scoring just 21.0, a margin of -11.5. However, the Grizzlies haven’t been much better in fourth quarters, with a combined field goal percentage of 36.8%, three-point percentage of 23.1% and free throw percentage of 60.0%.