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Blame Canada

Sonics vs. Raptors tonight at 7:30.

I'll be hosting a white elephant Xmas party. I'd tell you what my gifts are but someof the guests might be reading.

Meet Jeff Green

And the inevitable whining begins

You know the play Chris Wilcox likes best. Heck, anyone who has watched a Sonics game the past two years knows the play.

It's the one where he sets a screen at the top of the key before driving hard to the rim, retrieving a pass and flying high over defenders to deliver a vicious slam.

That's Chris Wilcox in a nutshell.


Wilkins said he consulted with his personal trainer during the Sonics' two-day break and watched video, detecting a flaw in his shooting mechanics.

I've seen that flaw too. It's the one that makes Damien decide when to take most of his shots.

Makes me wonder if ...

somewhere right now in Oklahoma there's a clown named Billy Joe Jimbob Van Dyk ranting about paying one cent of taxes on a McDonald's cheeseburger in Enid just so those fat cats in OKC can have their basketball arena.

Tis the season to smoke holly, fa la la la la la la la la.