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Sonics Vs. Sixers Game Thread

Pelton's Place link not up yet but I'll put it in the comments when Kev gets it up.

The uh, article, that is ... not ... never mind.

Bye 2007.

From facing the crappiest team in the West it's now time to face the crappiest team in the East ... the Sixers boast a passel of some of the most overpaid role players in recent memory. Frighteningly many of them got their current contracts after their turns as Sonics....

So Kevin Ollie's contract is finally up? That makes me feel old more so than the fact 2007 flew by so fast. I remember when he signed that free agent deal after his Sonic tenure and the collective faithful laughed their cyberasses off that anyone would give a 5-year free agent contract to the guy who's picture is in Webster under the word "journeyman."

Then there's the Nutcracker, aka Reggie Evans, aka Michael "The Animal" Smith with a yen to grab your BVDs ... who managed to parlay his one useful NBA skill into a long-term deal with the Nuggets, who liked his production so much that they traded him after 96 games. And he's got two more years left after this one. Ha cha cha cha cha.

We should pound Philly into the ground tonight, here's hoping it happens.

Guys to watch: Sam Dalembert, Andre Miller ... I guarantee one of those two will be traded by February.

Also Gordon Giricek who along with a protected future first round pick was traded to Philly for Kyle Korver, who was probably Philly's best outside shooter.

Bizarre Sonic/76ers Facts: Each team has drafted a big white redhead center in the lottery. Which guy has more successful to date for the team that drafted them, Shawn Bradley or Robert Swift? Yikes ...

All right, that's it. I'm off to Tat's Deli for a Philly cheesesteak for lunch. If you live in the area or are down in Pioneer Square for a Hawks game please give these guys your business, they rock.

"Sautee those onions, baby
Grill up the meat
Cheese wiz or provolone
Turn up the heat
A soft or hard roll and you're ready to eat a Philly Cheesesteak
Philly Cheesesteak"

-Skip Denenberg, "The Cheesesteak Song"