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Daily Roundup 2.01.07

Lots of rumblings & grumblings in the press today about Bob Hill's future.

Start with the P-I.

Hill said he realizes that sometimes coaches can be removed because of circumstances, not performance or effort.

"(Previous coach) Bobby Weiss never had a chance," he said. "I really believe it was no one's fault. The (Howard Schultz) ownership group and those guys offered guys contracts they thought they deserved and three guys came to camp with qualifying offers and none of them were happy. We had injuries and we had six guys on the team that didn't want to be here. Enduring that was awful. That was hard. As for me, I'm very realistic about the position I'm in and the team is in. I think there's a good team here. I know there is."

I really liked this article. I know a lot of folks don't like Hill but I'm not one of them. He was the only guy in ages who was willing to play our young players and recognize the importance of developing big men. In a way I think this roster has proven to be a no-win situation for any coach and from his comments I think Hill knows that.

Proving the old axiom that even a blind squirrel can find a nut once in a while, Steve Kelley nails it.

The drum beat has begun on NBA blogs and inside the league's rumor mill, saying Hill is about to be fired. I don't think firing Hill is the answer. I think it's the quick, cosmetic solution. I think it's too easy blaming Hill and even easier to fire him.

But this season isn't all his fault. Not even close.

It's too easy to do a cosmetic housecleaning, stick Lenny in charge ... as if that's a long term fix?? Who are they kidding? As I've said many times I am waiting to see some leadership from ownership. I realize they have a lot on their plate now but they've got some decisions to make. I say if it is time to clean house then do so completely. Installing the fourth new coach in three years only serves to indicate that coaching isn't the problem.

Things so bad even Ray Allen probably won't make the All-Star reserves. Dayyeem.

Game recap from the Times ... Nick had another outstanding outing that came to naught. Could he put up those kind of numbers at the PF position next year with Robert or someone else at center?

Jelly got screwed, kind of

“One of the things we suffer from is (geographic location),” Sonics coach Bob Hill said. “I thought when (Shareef) Abdur-Rahim played in Vancouver, he was one of the best rookies in the league. I always thought because he was way up there in Vancouver, he didn’t get the publicity or notoriety he should have. I think sometimes we suffer from the same thing.”

I disagree with that in this case. There is an East Coast bias but the main reason why Gelly didn't make it is 1) his counting stats aren't as superficially impressive as say, Adam Morrison's who has been the very definition of 1-dimensional this year, and 2) this is the 6th worst team in the league. I agree with Frank that he probably should have made it in over Jordan Farmar & Millsap, but the difference is those guys play on winning teams. That's also the reason it was hard for Shareef to get noticed, not primarily because he played on the West Coast but because his Grizz teams were terrible. Frank also says Danny could very well be waived (wouldn't surprise me a bit) and that inquiries were made regarding Gasol, also not a surprise.