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Daily Roundup 2:12:07

Warning, Steve is on vacation this week, and I'm not clever. That being said, one of us will try to get some kind of a roundup posted daily and when Steve returns everyone will know his greatness.

So we won in Sacramento a day after getting blown out on our own court, who would have saw that coming? Not me, as evidence by my pre-game write up yesterday. Very solid game by Ray, it will probably be a bit overlooked but I thought he did a pretty solid job on Kevin Martin, especially after he'd gone crazy the last two meetings.

Sonics talk politics? No, its not a link about the arena just something I thought was interesting. For those that have never had a chance to meet Mike he's a genuinely nice guy that always has a smile on his face, one of the guys who gets how lucky he is to be in the position he's in.

How often do you find a situation to mention Norman Chad (of WSOP commentating stupidity) on a basketball blog? When the All-Star game and Vegas collide. Only thing that comes to mind is there's going to be millions lost on the tables next weekend, makes you wonder during which of the 'skills competitions' will the first All-Star to show up drunk? I'll guess it'll be in the rookie/sophmore game and the guy will not be 21.

Lewis ditches glove. May I be the first to say thank you! That thing could have put an eye out if he hit someone wrong, or could have broke a nose with the bricks he was throwing up.

Sonics coach Bob Hill said before the game he wanted Lewis to wear the glove again.

"His answer was, 'If you don't care how I shoot, I'll wear it,' " Hill said

Good line Ra, I for one do care how you shoot. I know wins don't help draft position, but I had a crappy weekend and watching them get blown out a second straight night wasn't going to make me feel any better. So thanks from me.

It's about a week old at this point, but when you write up an article like the headliner at Supersonicsoul you get a pass on lack of new info. I know we've had discussions on this site about what to do with the Ridnour/Watson debate but Pete comes up with a nice take as well as a dream scenerio for a Gasol deal. How great would it be to have the Spanish Fly in Seattle?

And last but not least, SuperSonicsFrance checks in with well something in French. I can't translate it, and am not smart enough to find a French to English translator. My best guess, 'why the hell did Damien get minutes over Gelabale?' Which is odd because I don't see either of their names in the article, but that's what I would be complaining about if I were them.