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2-13-07 Daily Roundup

Steve is still on vacation, and I'm not even as clever as Scott. It's a big day in Olympia today. Our own Brian Robinson will be there, so we might have some details later on today on the progress being made by Clay Bennett.

Kevin Pelton examines Johan Petro's up and down season. I've said this before and will say it again: I think Petro is probably at where he should be considered a reasonable rate, but I still hoped he would develop faster. His ups haven't been as frequent as his downs, and that is frustrating. Gary Washburn at the P-I also picks up on this Petro theme today.

The Times' Percy Allen is wondering about Bob Hill's job security and what Clay Bennett is doing in Olympia.

Given the team's disappointing 19-32 record, Hill's 41-62 mark since taking over the team midway through last season and management's refusal to give him a vote of confidence, there's growing speculation that Bennett may replace the coach with an internal candidate — possibly vice chairman Lenny Wilkens — during his visit.

General manager Rick Sund declined comment but said he would respond to questions about his expectations and the team's performance in a week or so.

If a coaching change were to happen at all, then it's likely it would occur this week because of the soft schedule. Wednesday's game against Phoenix is the Sonics' last before the three-day All-Star break, which would give a new coach five days to prepare before Seattle plays Memphis on Feb. 20.

Personally, I think Hill stays. Further, I don't think Wilkens would be a good choice. In fact I think Wilkens would be a step in the wrong direction. Keep Lenny smiling and creating good will out in the community, and away from the court.

Frank Hughes covers the Sonics at Olympia today. Not a whole lot new there, but a good review.