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2-14-07 Daily Roundup

Happy Valentine's Day!

Gary Washburn gives Ray Allen some love for his All-Star selection.

In the team's 19 games since Jan. 1, Allen is averaging 30 points per game. And his 26.9 points per game average this season is a career best, 5.5 more than his average over 11 seasons. Because of this stellar stretch, Allen was named to his seventh All-Star Game on Sunday in Las Vegas.

The PI has a solid article on yesterday's action down in Olympia. And they have a really cool pie chart. Mmmmm...pie...

Locke, Pelton and Francis Williams kick-it audio style about Clay Bennett's presentation in Olympia, Ray Allen's All-Star selection and more.

KP also covers the Suns without Steve Nash.

Brunner and Thomas tag team a cautiously negative article on the Sonics action at Olympia yesterday. Cara Solomon has a more positive feel in her look at the Renton location.

Frank covers yesterday's action too, and presents a balanced and bland view.

Sean Cockerham has the following in a piece on Bennett's warm reception yesterday:

“We are committed completely to keeping the team here,” he told the legislators. “We haven’t thought of anything beyond that.”

Bennett said the arena is about more than just the Sonics and the Storm. He described a regional multipurpose facility that could host concerts, political conventions, college basketball tournament games and maybe even a National Hockey League team.

“The NHL, the Sweet Sixteen, the Final Four, I’m really excited about it,” said Hobbs, the senator from Lake Stevens.