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Round up - 2/15/2007

Sonics Win, Sonics Win. Read Frank's take there, mines a bit hazy from trying to watch both games. Nick was good, then again that's becoming the norm lately. There was a time that even I started to wonder if it was ever going to come together for him, but I kept hope alive and have been rewarded. Nick works so hard at his craft, hardwork pays off....hey I think that's something kids could learn from.

Huskies Don't. Normally we don't delve too much into Husky basketball but how good would Spencer Hawes be if UW had a PG that could enter the ball into the post? He made three or four hoops that were unbelieveable. Give credit to WSU, they managed to pack it in those last 3 minutes and made the UW guards beat them, they couldn't.

In other news according to the PI, Danny Fortson believes he'll be with the team for the rest of the year. There was a time I was certian they'd deal Danny, then I thought it was more likely they'd try to buy him out after the deadline, him playing significant minutes again would surprise me. Then again with Danny not much shocks me anymore.

By now most have read the article talking about Rep Frank Chopp. First reading it, I was angry but now I've calmed down a bit. Chopp's in a position to make sure that his constituency is taken care of, and I expect him to do that to the best of his ability. Does he have to ruffle some feathers to do it? I'd imagine most of us do anytime we want to get something done. I'll be more interested to see how Margarita Prentice reacts to this, I'm going to assume that she expected it.

I can't stress enough how bumpy this arena thing is going to be. The good things that come out you can't get too pumped about and the lows can't be the end of the world. Everything that's said or done by both parties is done for a reason, even if we don't understand or agree with it.

All-Star Break time, I'm guessing 3 players will be arrested for something in the next 5 days (maybe 7 if Jamaal Tinsley throws an All-Star Party.