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And the Streak Continues....

Someone was crafty enough to catch this picture of Frank Hughes conducting interviews from Vegas...

Did you know that with Ray Allen's participation in the playoffs the Sonics have the longest active streak of participation in the league?

True Enough, a team bigwig mentioned it to me the other day but I don't know the details. Can anyone fill in the gap and tell us many years running the Sups have had an all-star?

Nothing going on team wise so the fellas all present their various takes on Vegas itself. Gary Washburn wins the award for my favorite line with this Danny Fortson gem.

"Man, you know how I am, do you think I need to be in Las Vegas this weekend?"

I do know Danny, have seen him at parties, and agree 100%. Good call Mr. Fortson.

Frank Hughes manages to pull one out of the archives and ask what went wrong this season. Earlier this year Rick Sunde hit me with the same question and I can tell you that I didn't have much of an answer for him. Later today I'll try to get into Ray Allen's explanation.

Here's my news for the day. I contacted a team representative to address this whole "land is not for sale" issue and he actually laughed out loud. The summary of the conversation is "do you really think we'd name the site without dealing with that." As I understand it there is no deal set in stone but all parties involved understand how significantly adjacent property values will increase if this thing goes down. I was assured that significant talks have occured and that acquiring the property is not an issue. Of greater concern is parking which drives the cost for this whole project.

Lastly please show up at Willows Run golf course on Monday for a great Sonics themed event. They'll have $0.79 beers in honor of the 79 championship season and you will be able to buy a round of golf for the price of the Sonics winning %. Great way to poke a little fun while still showing your support. SOS&S will be there with T-Shirts sponsored by Access Golf, Miller, and KJR950am. Frankly it's great to have KJR on board and we're going to be thrilled to be there. Volunteers needed.