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Daily Roundup 02.21.07

Happy Birthday to my beautiful and talented and all around awesome girlfriend Tiffany! She rocks, she rules, and she loves the Sonics. What more could a guy ask for ...

Jesus, finally a third quarter worth watching. Memphis is simply terrible and is clearly in full on tank mode.

Rudy Gay looks like a proto-Kobe though, doesn't he? Give that guy a few years and he's going to be a matchup nightmare. On offense, that is. Defensively I couldn't decide who the worse defender was, Gay or Mike Miller.

The Sonics look primed for their annual bootless playoff run, killing their draft position but stopping just short of making the playoffs. Exhibit A

“We’re five games out of the win column with 30 games left. That’s not insurmountable,” Hill said of the ground the Sonics would need to make up just to earn the eighth playoff spot.

“The teams in front of us, they’re not without their share of problems, either.”

Winning cures many problems, but just as important is being consistent enough to win, guard Ray Allen said. Allen said the Sonics needed to show their focus starting with the first quarter of Tuesday’s game against the Grizzlies. (The Sonics led after one quarter, 32-24.)

“You get ahead of yourself when you start worrying about things you don’t need to start worrying about,” Allen said.

“When Dallas and Phoenix went on those winning streaks (Dallas won 13, Phoenix 17 earlier this season) I’m pretty sure they focused on every individual game and then it became contagious and they started feeling confident and knowing that they are winning tonight. So that’s how we have to do it.”

From the same piece it doesn't look like the team's going to be doing much at the trade deadline unless somebody makes them an offer they can't refuse. If you're expecting major roster or front office changes signs point to the offseason.

Sene will rejoin the team on its upcoming road trip.

And there was much rejoicing.

Speaking of bootless, hey, it's almost Mariners time! Seely writes a great blog entry on the newest way Ken Griffey Jr. has found to injure himself (that guy has more excuses to avoid work than I do) and I heard last night that Sean Burroughs is out indefinitely, badly hurting his shoulder when he slipped ... while fishing. That's almost as good as the Kaz Sasaki "I hurt my ribs carrying a suitcase up a flight of stairs" BS.

Hey, didn't you hear that basketball brings no financial benefits or cultural value?

It's the shoes, Mars. I have a flippin' sweet pair of Adidas shellbacks already. White stripes on black suede. These might have to take over.