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Daily Roundup 2.23.07


While saddened by DJ's early ending there is some hope out for the team getting a new begining.
Check out this amazing FAQ put together by the Renton Chamber of Commerce

My friend Jim Ratt once told me Dennis Johnson was a basketball player. In a town where the Sonics were kings, he was a king among kings.

And that's a kingly thing.

Best of the DJ eulogies

There’s Griffey, A-Rod, Edgar and the Big Unit. There’s Krieg, Warner, Easley, Alexander and Hasselbeck. There’s Lenny, Sikma and Downtown Brown.
Dennis Johnson might have hated to lose more than any of them. That desire translated into three NBA championships – more than any other athlete who spent his prime in Seattle.

It's a mystery to me why his number wasn't reitred already. Was it because of the terms he left under? If so, that's regrettable.

Nothing to report about the trade deadline.

Sonics will play in Seattle next year.

So says the ever-readable Mike Seely, who I still want to have a drinking bout with at some point.

Outstanding Kurt Fedders story. Nice job Frank.

What Is Your Battle Cry?

You asked for it, you got it

Renton, you truly are ahead of the curve.