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Daily Roundup 2.28.07

There's isn't much to talk about today. I'm not giving the lame-ass rag known as the P-I any links for their pathetic muckraking yesterday and I'm beyond sick of talking about the arena. Sorry Gary but screw you Post-Intelligencer, you are the weakest link, goodbye.

Worst sports injury since Theismann? Some of you may not be old enough to remember Joe's broken leg but it got shown on prime time TV more than Shaun Livingston's knee explosion. Any other really bad injuries y'all can think of?

Livingston was driving to the basket on a fast break Monday night, went up for a layup, and his left knee contorted as he collapsed in pain. A team doctor had to pop his knee back into place to alleviate the pain.

"He came down on the leg without any contact with anybody. It's a freak accident, that's for sure," said Daly, who has rarely seen anything similar in 24 years of practice.

I watched Shaun's last season in high school in Chicago and no doubt he was a remarkable player that was destined to at least try the NBA. However there was also no doubt in my mind that physically he was not ready. At that time he was something like 6'7 190 at most, regardless of what the official camp measurements were take my word for it, I saw the guy in person, he was a stick. When Shaun declared for the draft he may have had the skinniest legs of anyone I have ever seen in the league. He looked like he might blow over in a high wind. I just hope that he'll be able to rehab that shattered knee and maybe even reinvent his game. I can not say whether or not his knees just couldn't handle the extra weight, but seeing his history of reoccurring knee problems it makes me wonder.

If you want it here it is come and get it you better hurry 'cause it's going fast

Kneeland said he believes the details about McClendon and Ward were leaked by opponents of the arena proposal as a way to distract the Legislature and, potentially, voters from the issue at hand.

“There is no question it was an effort by somebody,” Kneeland said. “Unfortunately, people don’t want to talk about the merits of the proposal.”

That sounds about right actually. Hey Seattle, this is you.

Though I agree with Mike Seely's comments that Wilcox could set higher goals for himself, I think his production is slightly limited by the players around him ... he isn't a primary option in the offense, so the 12 and 8 that's he's averaged this year is actually decent offensive production, IMO. And playing next to a quasi-rebounding machine in Nick Collison is also going to take away some of his rebounding chances. The problems as we all know are defensively, where he simply hasn't been able to grasp some simple concepts in playing zone, when to switch and who to guard and where. I would look to move Wilcox over the summer if some other team falls in love with his athleticism as there are a few uptempo teams where his style would fit in well (Phoenix, even Dallas perhaps).