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Daily Roundup 2.5.07

Sorry dudes, Super Bowl hangover, a pile of work in my face so i'll make this quick:

Bennett to address Legislature

Hornets back to NO, I think Frank's assessment of the thought processes behind this situation is correct.

Rashard back later this week? I don't see any reason to rush him back before the All-Star break frankly.

GW says Rashard may play Saturday vs. the Kings.

"Indeed the Sonics may be a factor in the Western Conference next season with a healthy Swift and Allen and Lewis playing in All-Star form, but there remains more than two months left in this season and the team doesn't want to look too far forward."

That's a pretty rosy assessment to say the least. While I do think that Robert would have helped the team this season, his injury is only one reason why the team fell flat on its face this season. Considering the lack of consistent play behind Ray & Rashard and the lack of veterans to act as steadying influences I think it's putting an awful lot of pressure on Robert to be THE solution all by himself ... this roster has problems that just one guy isn't going to fix all by himself. If the removal of just one player causes the whole rotation to collapse like a house of cards (pretty much like it did when Nick missed all of 2004) then bigger fixes probably needed.