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Daily Roundup 2.06.07

The culture of losing insidiously creeps its way in.

“This team is not me, it is not just Rashard, it is everybody,” Allen said. “We have opportunities where something needs to be done, something needs to be said, this is a team. We have 14 guys. At some point, guys need to step up and say something. Everybody. At some point, I need Luke (Ridnour) to say something, I need Nick (Collison) to say something. (Chris) Wilcox. Because this is their team. I can’t say something every minute of the day.”

Lewis still on schedule to return Saturday, and more tidbits.

Hill said Earl Watson will continue to start at point guard when Lewis returns even though Luke Ridnour, now coming off the bench, thrived earlier in the season while playing alongside Lewis and Ray Allen.

“Why do you guys keep asking that?” Hill responded to reporters. “The numbers so far are not even close.

“It may end up that way again. It may. They (Lewis, Allen and Ridnour) were in the beginning of the year the No. 1 scoring trio in the league. But Earl hasn’t given me any reason to put him back on the bench. And Luke hasn’t given me any reason to put him back in the starting lineup. This season is not about the point guard situation. It is about our team.”


The Wizards’ game against Portland next week has sold out because Gilbert Arenas has promised to score 51 points in payment to Nate McMillan, who was a coach with the USA basketball team that cut Arenas – and Luke Ridnour – last summer.

Latest update in a bizarre arena story

The Times cuts its beat writer on the road.

That's amazing. Even in the depths of the worst Baby Bulls seasons I can't see any Chicago area newspaper doing that. Obviously the team isn't doing well, but to cut off your coverage before the trade deadline??? That paper can't be doing well.

Ted says tank, but don't tank.

This isn't a plea for the Sonics to tank the season. No team is going to admit tanking it anyway. And no team should. The unseemly notion feels as if it might infect a competitor with an indelible taint....So no magic playoff save. And, please, no meaningless drive for pride down the stretch.

OT: Love and Rockets