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Nick Collison Vs. Mike Dunleavy In Battle Of The Coppertone Spokesmen

Pelton's Place

Rashard Practice Report; Luke will start tonight.

Rashard ran the offense with Luke, Gelabale, Nick and Wilcox today. The team was running through the skeleton plays and Hill called “Fist out three,” which is a side pick-and-roll for Rashard. He followed that with, “We haven’t called that in 25 games.”

Talk To the Audience, Oy! This Is Always Death

It's a Wonder Bread extravaganza !! Repeated on tape delay for your viewing pleasure (I hope) tonight at 7:30.

Memo to Donnie Walsh: Dude, if you're only going to play Ike Diogu 10 mpg, can we have him?