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Daily Roundup 2.8.07

Sheer comedy of the variety only a New York idiot can provide.

Let's trash Nate Robinson for 500 words, but geez, maybe Seattle will trade us Rashard Lewis for him!

So hey, congratulations on the first road win in 77 days. That's some sweet relief I thought only Head On could provide.

Gary, I saw you on the FSN recap last night.

Scary to look at the stats for this game. I wouldn't say the team played any better or worse than they have been, thankfully sometimes other teams can miss 4 offensive rebounds in a row too. As GW pointed out I really liked using the Nick/Brown combo to close last night. The effort was there. Wilcox with a subpar effort on the boards, even for him.

"Sometimes it's destiny and the ball bounces your way," said Watson, who scored eight fourth-quarter points. "We could have easily given up, but we made some plays and played hard. When Tinsley shot that ball, I said to myself, 'This streak had to end.' If the ball goes in, I am kicking it as far I can kick it, going high into the rafters."

John Amaechi huh ... that was a bit of a shocker, much more so than Ron Artest getting a visit from animal control for underfeeding his dog. The mohawk's a good look for Ron, though. Maybe he can do the dog up the same way like Mr. T's dog in that old animated cartoon show he did.

Props to Andre Brown for playing some tough minutes last night down the stretch. He's got big balls and she's got big balls, but you've got the biggest balls of them all. Maybe we should fly your folks in from Chicago and just get 'em to tour around the country with you all the time :D

Was it Hill or Watson who suggested Luke start? Does anyone really care at this point since there's a very good chance neither Hill nor Earl will be here next year? Sorry, won't buy into the controversy. This is minutiae.

Watch out for those bellboys in the locker room. You never know when suddenly a white gloved bellboy holding a high C clanger in one hand and a reclaimed Salvation Army high G in the other might approach you as you stand half-naked in front of your locker and says to you and your teammates "Musical telegram from John Amaechi!"