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Daily Roundup 03.12.07

Are friends electric?

mine's broken.

I want to talk about Frank's blog entry.

"He has said Sene is worse now than he was in training camp, Johan is worse now than he was last year and Swift obviously is hurt and not able to do anything. So I assume that means the entire year was a waste -- but I dont want to put words in anybody's mouth."

If Hill really believes that those guys are doing worse then it's entirely on himself and his staff. Sene went from being the starter early in the year to being shuttled back n forth from the NBDL so much that he qualifies for frequent flyer miles. It's no wonder he's regressed. Same as Johan.

One of the major reasons the team stunk so badly last year under Bob Weiss was because he couldn't set a rotation. Now we've seen Hill do that too. The only difference is he got more time to suck at it.

I was in Hill's corner earlier in the year specifically because of his willingness to play and develop the young bigs. Last year he realized they weren't going to get better sitting on the bench. I don't know what happened to change his mind this year, but whatever it is, it's the wrong decision. There is no reason that Sene and Gelabale shouldn't be playing right now over Damien Wilkins and Andre Brown.

Ray mentions the malaise

Not sure this should be a surprise, perhaps the players are as confused as the rest of us as to what the hell is going on for the rest of the year. Is the team still desperately trying to beat out Portland for the honor of getting swept by Dallas in the first round? Or is everyone showcasing themselves since the team won't come out and do it for them?

Once again IMO it was crap defense at the point that let the team down yet again, witness TJ Ford's last second drive to the hoop in OT and Earl Watson's matador defense on said play. I don't want to hear about Earl Watson's defense any more. The guy is not a lockdown defender, he is not an All-Star caliber defender, he is merely a decent defender on a squad that is so bad collectively he looks great by comparison.

Though Petro has been pretty terrible on D all year long I do have to give Johan some props for his double double outing yesterday. I can only hope that his commitment to crash the glass continues, then we might have something. Awesome tip jam too.

Was the U-Dub snub really that much of a surprise? Seely answers his own question best, I think. Too many high profile losses late in the season (which still doesn't entirely explain Stanford's NCAA berth) but in a year where the NIT chose to go to a seeding system, teams like Air Force are going to benefit at the Huskies expense. And though I'm not laying the blame on his feet at all it didn't help that Spencer Hawes got totally. freaking. owned. by Robbie Cowgill in the final game.