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Daily Roundup 3.13.07

No Luke tonight vs. Detroit. It's time for the Sonics' own version of the Spork, Damien Wilkins.

"I don't think heavy minutes with Damien at point is going to work, but he can absolutely do it," Hill said. "The other thing about Damien is he knows all of the plays. He does. I've had to use him at four this year and no problem. He knows the plays at all of the positions. So putting him at the point, if I have to, is really not a problem against certain guys."

A reporter plays a game asking Hill when Fortson will play. This veered off into who gives a backwards flying f*** territory about three months ago, but I guess there's not much to talk about. Or something.

Meanwhile, Danny Fortson participated in the workout, but he declined to speak to reporters, so he couldn’t be asked why he missed practice Thursday in Boston, for which he was suspended two games. Hill said he had a brief meeting with Fortson prior to practice. Hill said Fortson was again part of the team.

However, Hill said he doubted the forward would play tonight, explaining that he preferred to go small against a Pistons team with a dominant frontcourt.

Props to the fine folks at Supersonicsoul for their excellent comic book cover today. Personally, I just got done reading Grant Morrison's 7 Soldiers of Victory, which had some really good parts and some not-so-interesting ones. Interesting concept partially undone by a rather bad ending IMO. Your mileage may vary.