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Daily Roundup 3.15.07

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Where's Shuttlesworth?

In his postgame news conference, coach Bob Hill blamed forward Chris Wilcox for the way the play developed, saying Wilcox failed to run across the lane and set a screen near Collison, giving Allen multiple choices.

“The play was set up to work,” Hill said. “Weezy (Wilcox) just didn’t get there.”

In the locker room, Wilcox looked stunned when he was told about Hill’s comments.

“I don’t know,” Wilcox said. “I thought I was in the right spot. I set a screen with 10 or 11 (seconds) to go. I thought I was in the right spot. But I don’t know.”

Quick poll: Right spot, or wrong spot?

So long Stotts.

In making the change, the Bucks most likely became the first team in league history to fire its coach and make no one from the organization available to explain to the media and fans where the franchise was headed.

Of course, this was the same organization that called a news conference to announce that Porter would be retained, only to fire him a couple of months later.

This apprently enraged Andrew Bogut to the point where he felt compelled to tell the fans in Milwaukee that they're #1 ... kind of.

Wish I had seen some of that Suns/Mavs game.