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Daily Roundup 3.16.07

There just isn't much to talk about today til the game tomorrow ... but you should read Kevin Pelton's great piece on Rashard Lewis.

"I have improved a lot, but at the same time I still feel like there's more room for improvement," he says. "I haven't scratched the ceiling yet. I can continue to work on my game and do a lot more things to help my team win ballgames. The injury kind of made me take a couple of steps back, but I jumped back in, got right back in the rhythm of things. At the same time, this summer, I'll be back in the gym working on my game to be an even better player than I was this year."

Bob Hill, cancer survivor

Blazers circle round the drain and Brandon Roy is about to be a father.

Props to the Cougs victory over Oral Roberts and good luck against Vanderbilt tomorrow ...