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Daily Roundup 3.19.07

Always feels good to beat Portland.

Rashard has a story in SI

CW kicks ass & takes names. Nice to see him get the touches as the Sonics have desperately needed to emphasize post offense, IMO.

The knock on Wilcox is that he too often defers to Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis. Or he relies too much on teammates lobbing alley-oop dunks while failing to work on his low-post game.

On those occasions, the 6-foot-10 power forward literally disappears from games because his lack of production forces coach Bob Hill to turn to Damien Wilkins or Johan Petro in the final minutes.

"We tell him all the time how important he is to this team, but he's got to believe that," Lewis said. "I know what that's like because I went through it as well. ... You need your teammates to believe in you, but you've got to believe in yourself."

Props to the Ducks. Winthrop had a good little run there.

TNT's recap

“I think tonight I got an opportunity,” Wilcox said. “It got my confidence back. In the past, I wasn’t getting any post-ups. So when I did get it in the post, I was like, ‘I do have to make this because I don’t know when I am going to get it back.’ So tonight helped me a lot.”

Hey for those of you who work downtown like me, if you can I recommend getting the **** outta Dodge before 3 PM or you may not make it home until 7 or 8 tonight. Two separate protests at the Federal building (that's right across the street from me) and the other one starting at Westlake and ending up at the Fed building. Having already got stuck down here once due to Monday Night Football traffic I have NO desire to be stuck down here again at the whim of Metro's schedule.