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Developing the Young Guys

I'm creating a seperate thread to address some comments made a couple of days ago regarding Mo Sene.

Soem readers responded to my defense of Mo Sene by stating essentially that "he's a bust because if you were'nt going to develop him then you shouldn't have drafted him" or that "Since he hasn't earned Bob Hill's confidence he must not be any good."

I want to point out something that has become exceedingly clear to me over the past couple of years. Rightly or wrongly the Sonics are not making it up when they say that the coaches should coach and the GM makes management decisions. They do get together to talk in broad strategies about what types of players they want, who they should bring in, what those guys roles would be, etc. But in the end the GM provides the players sometimes heading the coaches input and other times not. The coach coaches the players he has and is not told who to play or how to play them. People may speculate otherwise but they simply won't tell Bob Hill who he has to play.

There is a definate rationale behind this theory. In the end Rick Sund is responsible for hiring the guy he thinks can coach the best, not for being a coach himself. If he undermines his coach or if the coach is unhappy with the players then it affects all of their abilities to do their jobs. The negative is that, at times like now, everyone has their own agenda/rationale for doing what they do. Bob knows that his job is likely ending at the end of the season. He has to coach for respectability to try to keep that slim grasp alive and also to earn him an assistants job somewhere else in the league. Unless you are going to flat out mandate to him that he should play rookies for developmental purposes how do you get him to do so?

I'm not suprised Bob won't play Sene. If he had Vitaly Potapenko on this roster he would probably play him because veterans win games.

I've read tons of complaints regarding the Sonics ownership's efforts to force Nate McMillan to coach as certain way. I've been specifically told several times that this does not exist with Hill. Do you think that's a good thing or a bad thing?