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Game Thread Sonics vs T-Wolves, on a special jackpot night

Kevin Pelton breaks down the game where the Sonics don't have Ray Allen. I'd break it down further but instead will just predict that Randy Foye hits a runner in the lane with 2.7 seconds left to give Minnesota the win. I predicted Arenas' shot the other night with 7 minutes left in the game, wonder if I can make it two in a row?

Why is tonight 'Jackpot night'? Over the next 16 games there will be several brutally contested games and tonight is one of those special occasions, which I will attempt to highlight as they come along. That's right, tonight the Charlotte Bobcats are playing the Philadelphia 76ers. Who do you want to win? I personally don't care, but am overjoyed with the knowledge that one of them has too! For those looking at ping pong ball reality, these games are ones for the ages! Also keep an eye on Portland and Atlanta as one of them winning is assured as well.

In the first half Philly has a huge lead and Atlanta looks to be starting to stretch out against the Blazers.

Discuss tonights game here, on 'Jackpot Night'!