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Daily Roundup 3.28.07

DONK, duh na na, duh na na ... be do do do doooo
DONK, duh na na, duh na na, ba-DUM, ba-DUM, ba-DUM, Ba-DUM...

Back to back, it's a fact
25 down isn't too far back

Let loose, shoot the hoops
35 pts wins the game, but the pick's poop

Living like a star oh baby don't stop,
Changes coming soon says the man with the flat top

In a game with nine lives, cat's eyes
Hill coached his ass off last night, surprise

And it's back
back to back
Yeah, it's back
Yeah it's back to back

Second night, the team's too nice
Take a T now and then instead of being so zen
It's Nick the Dick getting down on all fours
Kissing Dem ass and doing wine and cheese tours
Game starts at 6, gotta go now before my boss kicks my ...

Hey hey hey Heeey
Hey hey hey Heeey
It's back to back, it's a BACK TO BAAAAAAAAACK!!!!!