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Kurdt Cobain vs. Peter Pumpkinhead in Battle of Dead Rock Stars

Pelton's Place

A look at the numbers shows that the Nuggets have been slightly worse with Iverson and Anthony than without them. Pairing two big-time scorers has improved Denver's offense - though not tremendously - but the small backcourt of Steve Blake and Iverson has caused problems at the other end of the floor.

I look for a high scoring high possession game tonight, Denver is going to try and run if they can.

Locke brings up some great points about last night's win

Chris Wilcox just finished his third straight night against a future Hall of Fame power forward. While in none of those games has he dominated like the insane game against Washington (27 points, 22 rebounds), he did manage to post 19 points and 9 rebounds against the Wolves. Over the three-game stretch he averaged 17 points and 10 rebounds. That is really impressive considering the competition.

Have to agree with that. Chris' middle name might be inconsistent, but he's been playing superbly since the Washington game.

Even I am astounded at the picture I found for this game thread. You gotta look at the site. That sh*t is eerie. Johnny Cash looks like he ate the rest of his band.