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Daily Roundup

Lets give Steve a break here and get the roundup up early.

That guy over there, you know the one who's spontaneously combusting....that's Rashard Lewis right now.

Now I may be in full-on "tank the season" mode but I do understand that this recent emergence could offset the change in draft position. I just got around to watching the final quarter of the Minnesotta game and that, combined with the Denver game represent far and away the best basketball Rashard Lewis has ever played. He brought a total package with confident ballhandling and a mentality that I simply loved. I still want the ping-pong balls but Lewis is incredible.

For the record he wants to stay here, he's engaged to a local girl and she's having a baby. I don't know how many times it needs to be said but it's the truth.

Nick Licata somehow manages to remain in the spotlight. I sure wish he would answer questions about the future of the Seattle Center.

Two friends of the site combine into one article that gets top billing from my book. Jayda Evans is an awesome girl. She's impossible not to like. Earl Watson on the other hand can appear standoffish and initially really turned me off with his body language on the court. It's only in recent weeks that I've gotten to know him and realized that he's a seriously cool guy. Earl Watson does not act like an NBA player. He's just a straight up regular guy whose effort has paid off. His e-mail signature has his motto "Product of DETERMINATION". Here's Jayda's take on his leadership.

Gary Washburn puts out an article that I really like. Talking about torn ACL's may not be obvious but it's a nice filler piece that is relevant to Robert Swift and the Sonics. What really strikes me about it is the difference in recovery through the ages. Danny Manning was never the same player after surgery, Ron Harper only slightly better. Jamal Crawford and Nene look to be making 100% combacks. Technology at it's best. I spoke with Robert Swift the other day regarding his injury and his recovery is better than I would ever have imagined. My view is that the real test will come when he starts having to get low on defense and having that knee support his weight.

Two topics for discussion today. First what about Mike Gelabale at the PG position? Someone close to the organization suggested it to me last week and I laughed it off initially. After re-watching portions of the last couple of games I'm not so sure. Having a tall, defensive PG who spaces the floor changes everything about this team and he's brought the ball up the floor really well. We wouldn't be the fastest team in the league but I would try it. I have this funny feeling that if he shaved the goofy hair it would dramatically affect the way people percieve him. In some ways he has the body mannerisms of a PG.

Secondly let's talk about draft options from 6 to 10. For my money Acie Law will wind up shooting up the draft boards and will fall in that group. Is he better than Randy Foye? Is that enough of a difference maker for us? I could really see us packaging that pick with a couple of players for a big trade. Too many of the available players are bigs and we simply don't need another 19 year old. I would see what veterans are available.