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Roundup Withdrawal

I'm getting all cold and shivery without my fix of Steve's morning humor. Here's hoping for an exciting summer because it is going to be a long 6 weeks to close out the season.

Lets hear it for Gary Washburn who is drinking the coolaid. Caution Gary, it must be laced with something potent if you are talking about playoff chances at this point...

Also in this article Bob Hill points out why head coaches in losing situations are often removed early just so that everybody can be on the same page. Somehow he thinks he's doing the right thing playing Ray 40 minutes a night.

"Those of us on the team and coaching staff are still looking towards making the playoffs,"

Gary points out that Luke Ridnour could be shut down long term with a herniated disk. Let me just say that the best way to lose games is to undermine the PG position. We saw it last year with the Rick Brunson experiment and could see it again now if one half of our PG by committee see's an extended absence. Mike Wilkes for the record is one of the nicest guys I've ever met but he is a practice player. We should all root like crazy for this little guy to score a ton of points, entertain us, make us fall in love with him, and reward him with another contract next year. I doubt that will translate into wins.

I'm also going to bring back an article from Saturday in which Jim Roth, commissioner from Oklahoma County steps up and says some nice things in support of Clay Bennett and crew. What is more american than people with completely different backgrounds and values working together and becoming friends. Roth's comments are just typical. Nobody, and I mean nobody who ever deals with Clayton Bennett comes away saying bad things about him.

Wondering why Roth's letter was never published in the Times or PI? Me too: E-mail the question at or

Frank and Percy pretty much have the same things to say as Gary. Whoever was serving the cool-aid also spoon feeding stories...

Here's the last two tidbits on the Arena issue. I'm hearing that the team may release some more detailed images of the King County Event Center this week, including internal shots. Also SOS&S has created a new e-mail, that will forward your letter to every relevant political leader in the state. Use it.