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Daily Roundup 3.7.07

How sweet it is. Poetic justice that with 0.9 seconds remaining in the game off a NY hometown call, Stephon Marbury bricks the second free throw. Oh sweet justice. And we owe it all to Sonicscentral poster Sam and a well known #3 song from 1982.. .

In ya face Spike.

Collison drew two defenders to the basket, which left Lewis alone on the left wing a few feet away from Spike Lee, who was shouting expletives. None of it fazed the Sonics forward as he received the pass and calmly drained a three.

"He was over there screaming, yelling and talking [crap]," said Lewis, who finished with 24 points, eight rebounds and seven assists. "And that's what made it even more special, to hit the three on his side of the court to see him go quiet."

Sad that almost as many column inches spent on Danny's shootaround no-show than on the win.

Frank was totally right ... why don't they just suspend him for the rest of the season. At this point does the money really matter?

Great opening line!

Stephon Marbury once called himself the best point guard in the world.
He didn’t say anything about free-throw shooting.

Props to Earl on his fabulous audition for next year and let's see if he torches Philly today.

If you've never read the fabulous basketball blog that is Knickerblogger, you should. Check out the NY perspective and be kind, they're knowledgable folks, not the garden (or is that Gaa-den) variety Knick fans. :D

Oh yes. Free Gelabale!! Where the hell was he last night? Surely he couldn't have played any worse than Damien did last night.