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Daily Roundup 3.8.07

I'm going to give a serious Johnny Cash salute to the coworkers who refuse to take sick days and come in infecting everyone else with their colds. Thanks a freaking lot. I feel like crap this morning and am praying it's only allergies and not something more substantial.

Earl kicking much ass in his last couple stints, presumably polishing his resume for other interested parties? Hill also weighs in on the biaatch that is Kobe Bryant:

"You just don't finish your shot and then swing your arms across a guy's face," Hill said. "You just don't. That's a flagrant foul, and he should be suspended. He's hurt two guys. He's hitting them in the face and in the head. What if his fist hits their temple when he's doing that. You can kill a guy doing that. ... A player of his caliber doesn't have to do that."

I thought it was Kobe taking a page from good old Karl Malone, one of the dirtiest players of all time whose late career specialty was the famous " take a jumper and lead with my elbows" play, which worked great at clearing space and occasionally bloodying noses. Glad to see him sit, and I'll gladly admit I do not like Bryant up front.

Allen rushed the final shot. There was some discussion about this in the thread last night, I'll stand by my comment even if it's against conventional wisdom. It was a bad shot taken too early on the shot clock. Ray wasn't open when he took it, despite his quote. That's not the most egregious play of the 4th quarter nor the sole reason they lost the game....that might have to be reserved for Damien Wilkins' non-step out on Joe Smith's wide open jumper shortly before. Anyhoo in the long run I guess it doesn't matter as it is one step closer to a better pick, which with this team's continued refusal to give minutes to Gelabale remains my one source of solace in this season.

"I rushed it a little bit," [Allen] said. "If I could have it back at this moment, I would at least take one more second to get my feet set. It's rare that I get that wide open."

""These are the games we need if we want to make that push to get into the playoffs," Lewis said. "I really felt like we had a good chance to win every last one of these games on the road. We gave up this one tonight. We've got a chance to win in Boston, and it's going to be a little tough to win in Toronto."

I think they'll easily beat the tanking Celtics and lose to the Raps. Boston's barely making an effort to compete as it is.

Well I guess it wouldn't be a week in the TNT without a Rashard Lewis free agency story ... this one doesn't have a byline so not sure if this is Frank Hughes or staff.

“I think I am saying I am open to any situation,” Lewis said. “I am going to test the market and see what it is like. I am going to see where I stand, what I am worth. So I am not saying no to any team because then I would be canceling out teams giving me an offer to make the Sonics budge. Because that is what the Sonics are going to do, wait for a team to make an offer before they even do anything.”

And good story from Frank pointing out that Ray's missed free throw on the foul from Korver could have been the difference, as much so or more than the miscues discussed earlier.

One can only wonder what would have happened had Allen made the free throw.

Philadelphia probably would have called a timeout. It probably would have run a set play. And it would have given the Sonics the chance to set up their defense.

“It does change the complexion of the game,” Allen said. “Who knows? If we are up one, it makes it a little different. They could have changed the play because they are down.”

Point taken.
And gotta pull out this quote from Mo Cheeks:

“They are a jump-shooting team. They live with it and they die with it. Certainly, the last play of the game was another jump shot.”

True dat ...

Latest arena news from the fishwrap which is the only link that POS rag gets from me this week.