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Daily Roundup 3.09.07

Danny Boy, Danny Boy... I'm not sure what is going through D-Forts head right now. I know that both parties wish they could end this relationship but it won't happen until one steps back financially.

Seattle Sonics General Manager Rick Sund announced the team has suspended forward Danny Fortson without pay for two games for conduct detrimental to the team. Fortson will be suspended for tonight's game at Boston and Sunday's game at Toronto.

The smut villian, chillin' like Gilligan

Out on an island

Fishin' with my string and bamboo, caught somethin' in a see through nightie

Might be a little tasty ... a 300 pound white girl!

No one to see this ... BOOM, drop my fluid like a chemist!

She's contained, and I'm a lamebrain for doin' the wild thing

Kick the fat thing off my swing,

Larger than Jim Backus, it's the cactus.