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Daily Roundup 4.11.07

Weebles wobble but they don't fall down.

All hail Kevin Pelton for his story on Mike Wilks, new starting PG.

"It's (the third point guard) absolutely critical in team-building, because that guy takes the team over himself," says Sonics Assistant Coach Gordon Chiesa. "It's hard not to be in this game. What he's done though, over his career, is he's embraced that role. Let's preface this - he's a good player. Mike Wilks, whenever he's called upon, has played well. It's a hard role to play. It takes a special person, and Mike Wilks is a unique person."

"My role is just being ready," Wilks says. "It's a tough role, but I have to be ready to push guys in practice, to make Luke and Earl better, make the team better. Then stay ready at all times if my number is called. I never know what's going to happen during a game. Somebody may get in foul trouble; God forbid, somebody may get hurt. I want to be a plus out there."

Great Mike Wilks story from media day:

Mike was one of the first people there. When the actual media started showing up and filling the parking lot Rick Sund goes to Mike and makes him move his truck out of the main lot so there's more parking spots. Mike runs out to the lot in full game uniform to go run the truck out back. He's a great guy and it's nice to see him get his moment in the spotlight.

Time for another run with the Suns this evening. Unfortunately Luke is out for the year so we won't all be treated to a Steve Nash comparison fest. Or will we ...

New financing plan means no state sales taxes will be used to finance this. Van Dyk poops his own ample pants upon hearing the news.

Randy Livingston is your new backup PG for the next few games and will join the team in Phoenix tonight.

Congratulations to Jeff Weaver, Jake Woods and Brandon Morrow for their performance yesterday. If they'd imploded any harder Fenway Park might have undergone gravitational collapse.