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4.11.07 Game Thread: Sonics vs. Suns

It will be interesting to see what Bob Hill does tonight - will he let the team run or will he try to find ways to keep the pace manageable?

Check out Kevin Pelton's Insider's Preview.

KP sez:

With five games left in the 2006-07 season, the Phoenix Suns still have some motivation. Phoenix can't catch Dallas for the top seed in the West but has a two-game lead on San Antonio for the second spot in the West. That's an important battle because it will decide home-court advantage in a potential matchup of the two teams in the Western Conference Semifinals. Barring a collapse, the Suns are in good shape. They've also got a franchise record to play for. By winning their last five games, the Suns can better the best record in team history, 62-20 - done in 1992-03 and two years ago.

Randy Livingston will be joining the team in Phoenix for tonight's game.